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Pete Marchetto
[Photo: Li Meimei]

This is the home of Pete Marchetto – writer, photographer, computer-graphics artist, traveller, actor, soundscape-creator, expat-Brit in China, and recent convert to the Oxford comma.

A work in progress, there’s not much up at the moment. Still, there are bits. Here and there. Scattered. Like leaves in the wind. Or stars in the sky. Or personal possessions after a relationship break-up. Or something else which scatters. Fish, for example. Fish will scatter if you go scuba diving and wave your arms at them. I’ve never been scuba diving, but I guess they would. Try it and see. Let me know what happens.


Herein you may find, but then again may not as yet:


What you’ll find when I put it up:

  • Photo Galleries – over 10,000 photos and art images, (and rising), in the categories computer-generated art; growth; models; oddments; photo-based computer art; travel; and 591 bins.
  • Buy Prints – my Fine Art America galleries. If you see a picture in the general galleries, would like a print, but don’t see it in the FAA listing, contact me, and I will make it available.
  • Corporate and Hospitality – links through to my gallery with the company Graphic Encounter, with whom I am a featured artist.
  • Image Portfolios – created for galleries, submission to industry, to promote graphic design services, etc.
  • Videos – all sorts. Footage from my travels in China. Odd monologues. Experiments with computer-generated imagery. My cat being unusually ridiculous. Me being unusually ridiculous.
  • Buy Chinese Paintings – an idea I ought to exploit given I live near one of the largest gatherings of artists’ studios in all Guangxi province, along with a wholesale art market. If you’re interested in original Chinese paintings, contact me.


Maybe now, probably later:

  • Soundscapes – I’m no musician, but I manipulate, experiment with and edit sounds in the computer, coming up with scapes I sometimes rather like. This is the place for CDs and free-sample mp3s.
  • Spoken Word – readings from my own work and other bits of spoken-word audio, all for free listening or download.


When I get around to it:

  • Record – my brief, but most pleasurable, semi-professional acting career in all its questionable glory including my performance CV, publicity stills and other memorabilia.
  • Monologues – a collection of video monologues, usually extemporised and unrehearsed around a central idea, along with the occasional voiceover sample.


At some point:

  • Travel journals (without images) – for some reason, my travel journals dried up when I got the camera.
  • Travel images (without journals) – for some reason, when I got the camera my travel journals dried up.


All the things that don’t fit in with the above, including:

  • Web Site 2000 – my first ever web pages, my original internet home, created in Notepad, of which I continue to be perversely proud.
  • The Artistic Enterprise Scheme – my accidental political campaign, a heady year out of my depth.
  • Mengmeng, Lemon, and Sparkle – a pictorial of our cats. Yeah, I know, but you know.
  • Anything else that takes my fancy – it’s my site, I’ll do what I want. Eat that, Xinhua News Agency.

The Pete Marchetto Billionaires’ Supporters Club

The Pete Marchetto Billionaires’ Supporters Club will tell you how, if you are a billionaire, you can help me in my efforts to become an independent artist by a single donation of a million pounds. Or dollars. Or Euros. But not Japanese Yen, they’re not worth much each. 172 to the pound at the time of writing. You’re not getting away with a piffling million Japanese Yen. Don’t even think about it.

If you’re only a millionaire, don’t worry! I’m not a snobby exclusivist, and the PMBSC has room for you too!

[Please note that millionaires may only join as affiliate members and are not eligible for the free sweatshirt offer]

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