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Email is the most straightforward method, checked regularly. Please use the site address,

LinkedIn sees me as a regular contributor to the groups to which I belong.  View Pete Marchetto's profile on LinkedIn

Twitter is a good source for updates, though its being blocked in China means I don’t do as much real-time interaction as some. However, I may become a more regular user at some point so, if this is your chosen means of social intercourse, add me and see what happens.

Instagram I’m rather enjoying as a consumer rather than as a contributor. I don’t post anywhere near all my artwork and photography there, but if you want the occasional glimpse and overview,

Tumblr is another site where I have a little-used presence until I can get the hang of the thing, but if that’s your chosen social media then go for it.

StumbleUpon is another site where I have a presence while being, for the moment, utterly clueless as to what it actually is.

VK (VKontakte), (the second most used social network in Europe after Facebook, apparently, and very similar to it), has yet to come onto the radar of the CCP, and so remains open in China. I may start using this fairly often to find the ‘alternative set’. Don’t be put off by the name, it has an English-language interface, and many another language I believe.

I run a small and very select Yahoo group by the name of Apothem Tercet. There are only three regular members, in spite of which the group is surprisingly vibrant given we’re a mouthy bunch, so feel free to join if you’re into kicking ideas around. Be warned, as a China expat myself, the other two members ex-expats, the topic of China arises pretty often, though it’s open for debate about anything.

Google+ is blocked in China so I am an irregular user. However, I do use it to post photo updates, and it’s possible to talk with me directly through Google Chat if, for some reason, you need a conversation with me in real time.

Facebook is also blocked in China. I have occasional brief splurges in there when notifications build up to the point they require attention.

Windows Live Messenger and Skype again see me rarely. Still, it comes in for occasional use. Add me with the the email address, but please don’t use that for email itself. It’s an old address, all but dormant.

QQ (international version) is your best bet for real-time communication. A Chinese chat program, it may not be of much value unless you happen to be Chinese yourself, have Chinese friends or are interested in China. If you want it, (the version linked here is in English and other languages), or if you have it already, my number is 345913626.

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