My Photos and Artwork For Sale

My artwork for sale
I’ve finally got around to uploading more images to my Fine Art America (FAA) / site for sale to all you lovely people eager to alleviate my poverty.

Along with the images already there, if you see something you like here, let me know. I can upload it for you.

FAA has improved considerably of late. You can now order from the UK and other locations without incurring exorbitant additional costs in terms of transportation, customs and excise, and the long delays associated with everything being printed up in the USA given they now have printers all over the world.

They have also expanded their range to include plain prints, framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greetings cards, phone cases, throw pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, T-shirts, and shower-curtains.

So, what are you waiting for? Go there and make me rich for heaven’s sake while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.

Corporate and Hospitality

I have been selected as a contributing artist by Graphic Encounter, providers of artwork to corporations and the hospitality industry since 1970.

Graphic Encounter has a prestigious history with an exceptionally high-profile clientèle, so if you happen to be an exceptionally high-profile person with the odd corporation knocking around, or perhaps a chain of hotels, check ’em out.

For the moment I’m limiting my contribution to some of my computer graphic work. Below are some examples of what I have to offer.

















Promotion of “Three”, day two

03 - Three (new)So here I am wondering whether an Amazon bestseller ranking of 51,345 is good or bad.

What I do know is that I only have 51,344 people ahead of me.

We can do this!

Now available here in ‘Kindle’ format, three short stories putting the realism back into romance –

  • The Big Toe, (in the beginning, an amusing confusion);
  • Ruby, (in the eye of the beholder);
  • Where Sunlight Strikes a Window and Splinters, (an after image).
  • US$0.99 – less than the price of a Mars bar – on Pankhearst publications.

    Reviews on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

    For less than the price of a Mars bar…


    03 - Three (new)

    My first ever fiction publication, now available here in ‘Kindle’ format, three short stories lending realism to romance – The Big Toe, (in the beginning, an amusing confusion); Ruby, (in the eye of the beholder); and Where Sunlight Strikes a Window and Splinters, (an after image). US$0.99 on Pankhearst publications.


    “Where’s the dog?”
    “Young man, your dog has not entered my garden. Had it had the temerity – not to mention dexterity – to scale my hedge, I should have obliged you by throwing it back.”
    “I meant your dog.”
    The woman raised her eyebrows. “My dog? I once had a Maltese called Harold… he died some fifty years ago, and was buried somewhere near Tring. He can’t have wandered far – I suggest you begin your search there.”
    “The sign on the gate -”
    “Oh, I see. My son. He put it there ten years ago. A ruse to see off intruders. I said at the time it seemed singularly naïve, and bless you, you have proved me right at last. The house is unlocked. The second door on the right at the top of the stairs is my bedroom. My jewellery case is in the lower-left-hand drawer of the dressing table, and some of its contents, I’m assured, are priceless. The assurances came from the gentlemen who presented them to me, and are admittedly unsubstantiated. They are, nonetheless, valuable items, and should furnish you with more than enough money for the new wardrobe you so desperately need. I must insist you disturb nothing else by rifling, or by the youthful exuberance of vandalism. You may then depart by the tradesman’s entrance, situated at the rear of the building. Good day.”

    If you like my photos and other images…

    … I’m playing with the ‘print on demand’ service Zazzle to see how it feels. Until I get the hang of it, orders will go out at cost price in return for feedback.

    If there’s an image you’d particularly like on something, be it as a poster, on a shirt, as a mug or whatever Zazzle has to offer – you can get some idea of the range of possibilities here – and you know what image you want, please use the form on any of the galleries pages to give me as much information as possible, and I’ll contact you. We’ll try and design a product out of that and, if you want it, you can have it at cost price in exchange for feedback on what you think of the service.

    Lest you come upon this post late by some circuitous route, if I decide to go for this as a project, prices will go up to cost + 50% at first and see how it goes after that. Contact me if you want to know the current status of this as a project – cost, cost + x% or abandoned altogether.

    Alternatively, if you yourself have experience with any ‘print on demand’ service you think does a good job, please comment at the end of this post, or contact me directly.

    My thanks, my dovelings.