Christianity: Be Nice

God sent His only-begotten Son to save humanity. He preached, and He preached, and He preached, and finally He was sacrificed.

If you look at His preaching, it all seems pretty clear. ‘Be nice’. He said it over, and over, and over, and over again.

But life, of course, can never be so simple. Clearly, Jesus gave us a conundrum. Clearly, ‘Be nice’ was just the surface.

We need to get beneath that ‘Be nice’ to get at the kernel of Truth.

2,000 years these words have been studied, but they are so complex, so disguised, so puzzling that, even now, the debate rages even amongst His believers as to their true meaning.

However, on one thing at least, many Christians have reached a consensus, though the details are debated.

He didn’t mean ‘Be nice’.

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