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03 - Three (new)

My first ever fiction publication, now available here in ‘Kindle’ format, three short stories lending realism to romance – The Big Toe, (in the beginning, an amusing confusion); Ruby, (in the eye of the beholder); and Where Sunlight Strikes a Window and Splinters, (an after image). US$0.99 on Pankhearst publications.


“Where’s the dog?”
“Young man, your dog has not entered my garden. Had it had the temerity – not to mention dexterity – to scale my hedge, I should have obliged you by throwing it back.”
“I meant your dog.”
The woman raised her eyebrows. “My dog? I once had a Maltese called Harold… he died some fifty years ago, and was buried somewhere near Tring. He can’t have wandered far – I suggest you begin your search there.”
“The sign on the gate -”
“Oh, I see. My son. He put it there ten years ago. A ruse to see off intruders. I said at the time it seemed singularly naïve, and bless you, you have proved me right at last. The house is unlocked. The second door on the right at the top of the stairs is my bedroom. My jewellery case is in the lower-left-hand drawer of the dressing table, and some of its contents, I’m assured, are priceless. The assurances came from the gentlemen who presented them to me, and are admittedly unsubstantiated. They are, nonetheless, valuable items, and should furnish you with more than enough money for the new wardrobe you so desperately need. I must insist you disturb nothing else by rifling, or by the youthful exuberance of vandalism. You may then depart by the tradesman’s entrance, situated at the rear of the building. Good day.”

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