If you like my photos and other images…

… I’m playing with the ‘print on demand’ service Zazzle to see how it feels. Until I get the hang of it, orders will go out at cost price in return for feedback.

If there’s an image you’d particularly like on something, be it as a poster, on a shirt, as a mug or whatever Zazzle has to offer – you can get some idea of the range of possibilities here – and you know what image you want, please use the form on any of the galleries pages to give me as much information as possible, and I’ll contact you. We’ll try and design a product out of that and, if you want it, you can have it at cost price in exchange for feedback on what you think of the service.

Lest you come upon this post late by some circuitous route, if I decide to go for this as a project, prices will go up to cost + 50% at first and see how it goes after that. Contact me if you want to know the current status of this as a project – cost, cost + x% or abandoned altogether.

Alternatively, if you yourself have experience with any ‘print on demand’ service you think does a good job, please comment at the end of this post, or contact me directly.

My thanks, my dovelings.

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