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I am experimenting with the ‘print on demand’ service Zazzle given that many people have said they would like to own some of these images as posters or paraphernalia. If you’re interested, while I’m experimenting I’ll be doing it at cost price in exchange for feedback. More information here.

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With many of the photos from most of my travels now sadly lost, these are those from the past decade or so since I went digital, from China, England, Hong Kong, Macao, the Philippines and Vietnam. Photos in the main album are a selection from those in the sub-albums, not necessarily the best, just those that look good as thumbnails.

If there’s an image you’d particularly like on something, be it as a poster, on a shirt, as a mug or whatever Zazzle has to offer – you can get some idea of the range of possibilities here – and you know what image you want, please use this form to give me as much information as possible, and I’ll contact you. Further information here.

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