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China - Beijing

All photos from in or around the airport.

China - Chongqing

The last I heard, the largest city on earth, and that in just a decade or two of growth from humble beginnings. I lived here for a few years, but wouldn't recommend it as a destination. 'Big' besides, and perhaps because of it, it has little to recommend it.

China - Guangxi, Daxu

An old town within the wider Guilin area.

China - Guangxi, Haiyang

A town within the wider Guilin area

China - Guangxi, Longsheng

The rice-field area itself is also known as 'Longji', (the Dragon's Spine)

China - Guangxi, [unknown]

A weekend away with a friend. Not sure I ever learned the name of the place. Not far from Guilin, anyway.

China - Hunan, Zhangjiajie

Perhaps the most spectacular place I have ever visited, these photos fail to do it justice. I would urge anyone with the opportunity to do so to see it for themselves.

China - Yunnan, Xiaguan

In the rapid thrust towards development in China, planning has become rather chaotic. Xiaguan comes close to being one of 'new ghost towns' that has sprung up; not entirely deserted, but the population sparse for a town of its size. As interesting for its near-deserted architecture as for the architecture itself.

China - [unknown]

Taken through a train window, somewhere in Guangxi by the looks of 'em.

England - Hull

Photos largely taken in the countryside around the city, but I'm not making a separate album for each village. England, Hullish then.

England - Sheffield

Though born in London, Sheffield is the city in which I've spent most of my adult life when in England. Consequently, the odd seemingly pointless photo in here will be something personal to me. I should probably take them out. But I won't.

The Philippines - Batangas

Several photos of a wotsit on the side of a boat skimming through the water. At least for now. What can I tell you? I didn't spend long in Batangas. A very interesting collection of photos if you like views of a wotsit on the side of a boat skimming through the water.

The Philippines - Manila

Manila joins Lanzhou in China and Lima in Peru on my 'least favourite cities' list, but the old quarter is well worth a visit.

The Philippines - Mindoro, Sabang

The town to which I would relocate in an instant were it but practical. A wonderful place.

The Philippines - Mindoro, White Beach

An accidental overnight having confused White Beach with Sabang. A bit too 'get plastic and party' for my liking, so it was fortunate we realised our mistake and got out of there fast.

Vietnam - Halong Bay

Famous - and rightly so - for the karst peaks so reminiscent of those in Guilin, (my adopted 'hometown' in the PRC), that in China it has become known as 'Guilin-on-Sea'.

Vietnam - Mong Cai

Just a border crossing, China to Vietnam, really.

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