A selection of some 10,000+ images, and rising.

Any of these images can be made available as a print in various formats through Fine Art America. Don’t be put off by the name – they print and ship worldwide. With so many pictures I can’t put them all on FAA, so if there’s something you like here please contact me, and I’ll make it available.

For corporate and hospitality clients, I am one of the artists contracted to Graphic Encounter.

I can’t promise to be able to make all the photos in the Models galleries available. Though I have each model’s permission to show their photos here, I would have to approach them about sales on a case-by-case basis. Don’t be afraid to ask, though.

I may also make images available on more ‘novelty’ items through Zazzle at some point. Again, if you want a picture as something other than a print, let me know.

There is a contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Interested in the unusual and bizarre in photography, I often find things that hit the mark in the growth of vegetable matter. There can be something singularly alien about it. Consequently, amidst the pretty trees and flowers herein, you may find some images that make you wonder what on earth is going on. Honest, it's all vegetative.


With many of the photos from most of my travels now sadly lost, these are those from the past decade or so since I went digital, from China, England, Hong Kong, Macao, the Philippines and Vietnam. Photos in the main album are a selection from those in the sub-albums, not necessarily the best, just those that look good as thumbnails.

Computer-Generated Art

These images were created on a number of different programs, and usually represent hours spent which were needed for something else.


With my sincere thanks to the friends who served as models for these photos. Some of the albums have misattributed images which really belong in the Photo-Based Computer Art album, but I can't be bothered to sort them out. Sorry about that. The 'colours on flesh' images were done in-camera, not using digital editing, by the way.


An album of photos that don't seem to belong anywhere in particular.

591 Bins

The 591 Bins project kicked off as the 999 Bins project before the managers on my estate - without consulting with me, curse them - changed the open black bins for hideous blue wheelies with lids. I'm not sure what this is about, really. I guess it's a joke. Then again, it's intriguing to see what people throw away, and some of the colours are rather pretty. Ah well, make of it all what you will.

Photo-Based Computer Art

These images started out as photos, probably contained elsewhere in the galleries, though with some it isn't very apparent.

If there’s an image you’d particularly like as a print from Fine Art America, or if you want something on a novelty item through Zazzle – you can get some idea of the range of Zazzle possibilities here – please use this form to give me as much information as possible, and I’ll contact you.

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