Welcome to the Reality Gap

Smith: Step out of reality for a moment would you, Mr. Jones?
Jones: Well, if I must but I –
Smith: Now, would you agree with me, on principle, that blah blah blah?
Jones: Well, as a slogan and on principle I can’t see anything wrong with –
Smith: And do you see that leads to dum dum diggery doo doo?
Jones: I can see how there would certainly be a tendency towards –
Smith: And therefore supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Jones: I can certainly take your point that if –
Smith: Leading inexorably to ni?
Jones: I suppose I would have to agree that –
Smith: Congratulations, Mr. Jones! You have acknowledged that black is white, up is down, turtles wear tu-tus of a Sunday, November is orange, and I now own your car. The last one wasn’t necessary, but mine broke down on the way here so I just threw that in. Please pick up your Vote Republican! bumper sticker on the way out of the door, shove it on your forehead, and have a nice day.

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