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For some years now, I have made my living entirely from freelance writing. Though British myself, most of my customers have been Americans. Consequently I am well adept at misspelling words at appropriate moments and generally garbling the language in a manner you – if you happen to be an American – would find pleasing.

For all the jocularity of this site for the most part, I can do serious, though I much prefer to avoid it, and certainly don’t want to drag the site down with sombre presentation. So, bearing that in mind, look around the site and download my clippings pdf, (as and when it’s up. Email me for a copy if it isn’t). If you think I could be the right writer for you, let me know.

My rates are about average, making me affordable, but not cheap. My intention in 2014 is to raise those rates so, get in early.


This is a section I intend filling, slowly but surely, in the coming years. Check here to see what’s available, or what’s up-and-coming. The work on offer will be pretty varied by the time I’ve done all I’d like to even now, let alone in the future, so see what’s here and what takes your fancy.

There will be plenty of free work for download in various ebook formats. These are intended as tasters, though each is a full work in itself. No silly “If you want to know how it ends, buy the book” tricks, I promise. I don’t want to annoy anyone. I’m rather hoping people will enjoy the freebies, come back for more and occasionally, just occasionally, thump the PayPal button to show their appreciation. My fiction tends to lean towards the literary, but is far from opaque. Insofar as I would classify it as literary, it is because I am absorbed in character as a writer, something which strongly informs and colours my writing style.

As these pages may suggest, there’s a great deal of humour in my work. I can’t seem to keep it out.

Non-fiction work will cover a variety of areas. Politics, social commentary, travel, philosophy, these are abiding interests about which I intend writing. Ah! Intentions. How many of those I have…


My posts, those meanderings to which you will be alerted should you subscribe to the site at the right of the page.

Not really a blog – a web log should be something chronological and time-dependent; that’s what ‘log’ means, after all. I would rather regard each post as equal with any other. I don’t do fashion. They will be presented on the ideas page according to topic, and in alphabetical order. Dive into what interests you. Dive into what doesn’t – you may be surprised.

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